Contractor information

You must review Fanshawe College's Contractor Resources before beginning maintenance or construction on the site. Send an email to to automatically receive a copy of the information listed below.

  • Contractor Safe Work Program
  • Contractor Safety Checklist and Definitions
  • Internal Notice of Project
  • High Risk Work Permit and Procedure
  • Notification of Designated Substances
  • Electrical Rules and Regulations
  • Contractor Chemical Waste Disposal
  • Contractor Hazardous Material Spill

The Contractor Health and Safety Checklist and Checklist Definitions must be reviewed and completed for every contractor engaged on behalf of Fanshawe College. Note the checklist must be updated at least biannually or whenever the scope of the work changes — such as before every new construction, renovation, demolition and equipment installation project.

Every contractor is responsible for ensuring that all prescribed safety measures and procedures are carried out. Additionally, projects that involve high risk activity or designated substances must be overseen by Facilities Management.

This information is provided in order to help you avoid any unnecessary delays once work begins — whether to make inquiries or acquire an approval. Please take this opportunity to review it and begin taking the required steps.

Please click on the links below to access information for contractors.

Contractor Forms