Please read the following information to understand the incident reporting process and the two types of insurance available to students participating in unpaid work placements. This process is not intended for co-op (paid) students.

In the Fall of 2013, the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) streamlined their process and changed documents used for students participating in unpaid placements. View the guidelines.

In case of student injury/disease while participating in placement activities, the MAESD will continue to provide student insurance at no cost to the placement employer. Student claims will be insured in a similar manner as the employer's employee claims; for example, students placed with a WSIB employer, will be covered by WSIB insurance and students placed with an employer not registered with WSIB, will be covered by ACE INA Insurance. 

Prior to placement, all students participating in an unpaid student placement must sign a Declaration of Understanding to acknowledge that appropriate insurance, as described above, will be provided. The student’s Program Coordinator will arrange for the Declaration to be signed, and will retain the form for one year following program completion.

Incident reporting process for students on unpaid work placement

Student Responsibility:

In the event of student injury/disease resulting in medical treatment or lost time, the student must:

  1. Notify his/her placement employer supervisor immediately, receive first aid treatment, and complete the required incident report for the placement employer
  2. Notify his/her college program field coordinator immediately, and complete the following documents:

If the student has any questions, the College Return to Work Coordinator can be reached at 519-452-4430, ext. 11900.

Placement Employer Responsibility:

In event of student injury/disease resulting in medical treatment or lost time, the placement employer must:

  1. Complete the Fanshawe College Incident Report Form within 24 hours of incident
  2. Complete the new Postsecondary Student Unpaid Work Placement Workplace Insurance Claim Form
  3. WSIB placement employer completes the WSIB Letter of Authorization to Represent Placement Employer; OR placement employer not covered by WSIB, completes the ACE INA Insurance Form
  4. Submit the forms to within 3 business days of the date of incident. The College Return to Work Coordinator will handle the paperwork.

If the placement employer has any questions, the Return to Work Coordinator can be reached at 519-452-4430, ext. 11900.


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