In addition to your term's tuition fee you will pay a Program Specific Fee of $400 which covers all materials used in a term, such as: acrylic paint, charcoal, conte, pastels, paper, canvas, wood, plaster, clay, cardboard, life models. This is a fantastic deal for art students!

What is required from you is the purchase of your tools. Below is a list of necessary equipment and tools to be purchased before term begins as you will use them immediately, and if taken care of, they will last for years. These tools can be purchased at art supply stores, dollar stores, hardware stores, etc.

Remember to put your name on all of your tools and studio belongings.

Art supply store

  • 25” x 36” portfolio carrier (quantity 1)
  • Tool box (quantity 1)
  • 1.5” filbert bristle brush #16 (quantity 2)
  • 1” filbert bristle brush #12 (quantity 2)
  • 1” flat bristle brush #12 (quantity 2)
  • 1/2" filbert bristle brush #6 (quantity 2)
  • 1/2" round bristle brush #12 (quantity 2)
  • 1” filbert synthetic brush #14 (quantity 1)
  • 1” flat synthetic brush #14 (quantity 1)
  • 1” round synthetic brush #10 (quantity 1)
  • 1/2" round synthetic brush #4 (quantity 1)
  • Inexpensive house painting brushes between 3”-6” (quantity 2)
  • #4 round watercolour brush (quantity 1)
  • #6 round watercolour brushes (quantity 2)
  • #10 tapered watercolour brush (quantity 1)
  • 1" flat watercolour brush (quantity 1)
  • 1/2" flat watercolour brush (quantity 1)
  • Set of assorted plastic or metal palette and painting knives (quantity 1)
  • 12 colour watercolour set, cake or tube/ artist quality (quantity 1)
  • Roll of green painter's tape (quantity 1)
  • Box of at least 12 coloured pencil crayons (quantity 1)
  • Full range of graphite pencils from 4H to 6B
  • Sketch book, Classic 11” x 14” (quantity 1)
  • Kneadable eraser (quantity 1)
  • White eraser (quantity 2)
  • Box chalk or set of oil pastels (quantity 1)
  • Fine tip black marker
  • 18” cork back metal ruler (quantity 1)
  • Modelling tools (wood, plastic or metal - preferably a wax carving set of 12 stainless steel, double-sided carving tools - they look like dental tools)

Hardware store

  • Arrow T-50 heavy duty staple gun (quantity 1)
  • Needle-nose pliers for removing staples (quantity 1)
  • Hammer (quantity 1)
  • Tape measure 3/4" x12' (quantity 1)
  • Screwdriver: Robertson (Robertson screws are the only type provided in Wood Shop for students)
  • 1 slotted, traditional straight screwdriver for removing staples
  • Glue gun with glue sticks (quantity 1)
  • X-acto knife (quantity 1)
  • Olfa utility knife
  • Drawing compass (quantity 1)
  • Pair of scissors (quantity 1)
  • Pair of CSA approved Steel Toe Boots Work Authority (start at $50) (quantity 1)
    *needed for WINTER term

Dollar store

(Note: Do not buy Dollar Store paint brushes or watercolours)

  • Large plastic container with open top for brushes in water (quantity 1)
    ***Note glass containers are not allowed in studio due to concrete floors **

Electronics store

  • SD CARD (fast speed memory card for video) 16-32GB or 32-64GB Lexar Professional or Sandisk Extreme Plus (quantity 1)
  • Memory stick 16-32GB (USB) (quantity 2-3)
  • Cloud Account: Google Drive (free 15GB space)

Fanshawe College Bookstore

You can purchase these books after consultation with your teacher at the beginning of the school year. Also, some second year students do like to sell their used copy.

  • Notebook for Art History course (quantity 1)
  • Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, available at College Bookstore, 2nd Ed., $141.40 (quantity 1)

Extra Funds

Photographic Printing Costs: $100

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

PPE is provided for requirements in wood shop and studios. Updates and purchases may occur due to COVID-19; you will be informed when updates occur.

Recommended Purchases

  • laptop must have a built in mic

*MAC laptop (Adobe programs accessed through College) is best option for working in the art industry, but not essential. Fine Art does have MAC labs but use may change due to COVID-19; you will be informed when updates occur.


  • apron, lab/work coat or old clothes for working in studios as most art materials stain clothing
  • running shoes or work boots (studio floors are concrete)
  • old cotton t-shirts to use as brush cleaning paint rags
  • appointment book (provided by Student Union)

Other Expenses

This is just a general list. There may be other tools that you will need to purchase as informed by instructors. In second year, some other tools will be required but a list will be provided at that time.

Computer Requirements

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic increasing online courses in all programs students are required to have a personal computer, and a laptop is recommended. The laptop must have built in camera and microphone for online meetings along with headphones.

Adobe suite programs are accessed through the college and are not necessary to purchase. MAC is best option for working in the Art Industry, but not essential. Fine Art does have MAC labs but use may change due to COVID-19. Additional cables may be needed due to the use of USB storage spaces and SD cards for video and photographic recording, ask at point of purchase for what is required.

Student Laptop suggestions:

PC Option

Dell, Windows 10

Apple Option

MacBook Air 

  • PC or Mac Laptop must be able to run the software provided by the College: Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office


You do not have to purchase the following, as these items are available for loan for Fine Art students: DSLR camera, video camera, lens, tripod, lighting equipment, DVP projector, sound recording equipment.


Online Shopping Links

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