Summer course registration will begin March 26th, at 12:01 a.m.

As a General Arts and Science student, you will choose all of your courses. Payment of your deposit (or full tuition fees for international students) is required in order to register in your courses. Available courses for Summer 2024 will be available here as of March 11 and registration will open on March 26th at a first come first served basis.

How to Register

Step 1: Select your mandatory and elective courses

Mandatory Courses 

  • Writ-1030 or Writ-1034 in first semester (students who place out of WRIT, must take an extra elective course)
  • Comm-3073 in second semester 
  • 1 SILEx course must be taken in the first or second semester 
  • In addition to the mandatory courses, students also require an additional 7 electives for the 1-year certificate or 17 electives for the 2-year diploma.

Step 2: Register for your courses 

  1. Visit the elective course list - all the courses you select must come from this list. 
  2. Record the course subject (example: PSYC), course number (example: 1079) and section number (example: 60) and the term (24W) of the course you are interested in taking.
    1. Webadvisor and this document do NOT remove courses that are already full and closed for registration.
    2. Some course offerings are compressed. Pay attention to the delivery dates.
  3. Go to WebAdvisor. Log in to your Student account. Select, Express Registration.
  4. Using the information recorded in Step 2, scroll through the menu to select the course subject then enter the course number, section number and term.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. IMPORTANT STEP - On the next screen, choose Register from the action drop-down box.
  7. IMPORTANT STEP - Click Continue.
  8. If the course is full, you will receive an error message across the top of your screen. You must try another course.
  9. Please confirm your registration was successful by checking your Course Schedule Grid Layout (under the Student menu tab). If you registered correctly, your General Education Elective will appear there.

Step 3: Take the WRIT & MATH assessments

WRIT Assessment 

The WRIT assessment evaluates your current writing skills to place you in the appropriate course.

Until your WRIT Assessment is processed, you will only be able to register in WRIT-1030 or WRIT-1034 . Please register in this course, and we will email and update your registration as your assessment is processed. If you are looking to write your assessment after it is closed, please reach out to Kate Traill

If you place out of WRIT, you must enroll in an extra elective course. 


Take the WRIT Assessment

MATH Assessment

Only students taking MATH in General Arts & Science are required to take the MATH Placement Assessment. The evaluation of these assessment results allows us to assess your current math skills and place you in the appropriate course.
Until you take your MATH Assessment, you will only be able to register in MATH-3068. Please register in this course, and we will email and update your registration as your assessment is processed.
Please contact Kate Traill to register for the assessment.  


Learn more about MATH Assessment



More FAQs on GAP1 program page

Where and when do I get my timetable?

After you have completed your registration form and paid your fees, you will need to complete your online registration. Your timetable will be on WebAdvisor after course enrollment.

I have a learning disability and/or I suspect that I do.  What should I do?

Students with a disability (Learning, Medical, Psychological, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, Low Vision, Mobility, Physical, and Brain Injury) can register with Accessibility Services to receive all of their services including test accommodations. Students must register early in order to allow time for accommodations to be in place before school begins. Please visit the Accessibility Services in room F2010, visit their webpage, or call 519-452-4282 for more information.


Contact Us 

If you have any questions, please make sure to reach out to the Program Coordinator Kate Traill or the Academic Advisor Briar Capes