International Baking and Pastry Arts Study Trips

The Baking and Pastry Arts program is proud to give students the opportunity to go on two study trips during their time at Fanshawe, to Switzerland and Italy. These world-class, international educational institutions have been selected with the highest standards of international baking in mind. Both trips are exceptional opportunities to study in another culture with students from around the world, to be trained by world-class chefs, and to expand your learning beyond Fanshawe. 

These 10-day study trips are completely optional, and take place outside of the regular study schedule in the springtime. This includes 2 days of travel, 5-6 days of intense training from 8-5 p.m., and some extracurricular tours such as to a winery, olive gardens, Parmesan cheese factory, and more. 

Richemont Centre of Excellence for Bakery and Confectionary

Travel to Lucerne, Switzerland

Discover Richemont’s passion for craft
Richemont has stood as an internationally-renowned Centre for Excellence for the artisan bakery and confectionery industry since 1945. The “Foundation Richemont Craft School” represents complex training, continuing education, restaurants and hotels, as well as research, quality assurance and development with their own laboratory that focuses on grain and flour analyses. 

Highlights of the study trip to Switzerland include:

  • Five-day baking course in authentic European and Swiss baking and pastry arts
  • Practical classes taught by European Patissiers and Bakers
  • Two days of touring Lucerne, Switzerland, a breathtaking medieval town nestled in a beautiful alpine valley on Lake Lucerne
  • Local tours to a chocolate manufacturer, the city of Zurich and the Alps mountain tour

CAST Alimenti: The Italian School of Culinary Arts

Travel to Brescia, Italy

Watch the educational experience promotional video
CAST Alimenti has been recognized with the largest number of world awards in the gastronomic disciplines, and is considered the ideal place for research and development of “Made in Italy”, a concept which is in the limelight of its education programmes and practical lessons performed in the classroom.

Highlights of the study trip to Italy include:

  • Five-day culinary course in Authentic Italian Cuisine
  • Training with local Chefs certified by CAST Alimenti in authentic Italian cuisine and baking
  • Two days of touring Venice and one day of exploring Brescia, Italy
  • Local dairy, olive and winery educational tours

Student testimonials

"Going to Brescia, Italy to study at CAST Alimenti was my biggest career opportunity of the year. I learned so much and was able to visit some of the places discussed in my theory classes at Fanshawe College. I learned new culinary techniques that I will be able to use in my career. An experience I will always remember."
- Sneha Mehta, First-Year Culinary Skills Student

"It was a joy to learn at CAST; all the chefs, assistant chefs and faculty were more than just kind and helpful. I learned many culinary techniques and had a great class on bread making and recipe formulation. The program was a perfect blend of cooking, baking and local excursions that kept us interested in learning all week long. If the opportunity arises, I will definitely return to CAST for some more advanced courses."
- Niharika Bhartiya, Second-Year Baking & Pastry Arts Student
"I would love to thank Fanshawe College and CAST Alimenti for giving me this opportunity to go to Italy and learn from the best while enjoying the Italian food culture. Walking through olive gardens and authentic local wineries ... this trip will always have a special place in my heart!"
- Gautam Gaut, First-Year Culinary Skills Student