Introducing the School of Media and Digital Arts at Fanshawe College, where creativity meets cutting-edge technology and artistic expression merges seamlessly with digital innovation.

Formerly the School of Contemporary Media and the School of Digital and Performing Arts, our newly merged institution embodies the best of both worlds. With a focus on experiential learning and an interdisciplinary approach, we prepare students to thrive in today's dynamic media landscape.

From traditional media to digital arts, our comprehensive programs offer students a unique blend of practical skills and artistic development.

Connect with industry partners from day one, as our curriculum integrates real-world projects and live client experiences. Whether you're mastering the latest software in our high-end labs or honing your craft in The Good Foundation Inc. Theatre, you'll graduate ready to make an impact in the workplace.

Our award-winning faculty are experts in their fields, dedicated to nurturing your talents and helping you reach your full potential. With a focus on personal creativity and professional growth, we empower students to take ownership of their education and forge their own path in the media and digital arts industries.

Join us at the School of Media and Digital Arts and graduate with more than just a degree – gain lifelong friendships, industry connections, and a diverse set of skills that will set you apart in today's competitive job market. Dare to dream, create, and innovate with us, as we shape the future of media and digital arts together.

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Room M3010
1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, P.O. Box 7005
London, Ontario N5Y 5R6
Phone: 519-452-4227

137 Dundas Street
London Downtown Campus
London, Ontario, Canada
N6A 1E9


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