Established in 1979, Fanshawe College’s Alumni Association is committed to nurturing lifelong connections with its 200,000+ graduates who live in London, across Canada and around the globe.


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To enhance the experiences of current students, establish and nurture lifelong connections with alumni, and celebrate the success of graduates  and friends of the College.


A proud community of inspired alumni and students engaged in the life and success of the College.

Engagement Priorities

The Fanshawe Alumni Association is committed to adding value to the alumni experience to ensure Fanshawe’s future remains strong.

Celebrate Graduate Success

Honour the achievements of all alumni:

  • Distinguished Alumni Awards 
  • Premier’s Awards 
  • Graduation

Experience all there is as a Fanshawe alum

Enhance the overall experience to ensure alumni feel a stronger connection to Fanshawe:


Off-campus – Alumni-hosted…

  • Private movie screenings 
  • London Knights Group Suites 
  • City of London Budweiser Gardens Suites

Communicate regularly with graduates

Increase the profile of Fanshawe Alumni, the PERKS program and graduate stories:

  • Monthly e-newsletter distribution
  • Social media engagement
  • Alumni website updates
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Alumni Stories platform
  • Alumni survey

Outreach to current students & alumni on and off campus

Increase Fanshawe Alumni’s exposure by connecting with soon-to-be-grads and graduates in the community:

Give back to ensure future students receive the best education & experience possible

Establish a stronger culture of giving by offering alumni donors the chance to contribute to causes they’re passionate about:

  • Continue to build revenue via Alumni Affinity Partnerships

PERKS for all alumni including access to exclusive contests & deals

Secure new high quality deals and contests to maintain engagement with the alumni who have signed up for Fanshawe Alumni Perks.

Volunteer opportunities for all graduates

Offer chances for alumni to give back to their Fanshawe community with the gift of their time: 

2020-2022 Engagement Plan

Our Engagement Plan is designed to enrich the alumni experience so all graduates are energized, empowered and filled with pride. As we put our plan into action, we’re committed to adding value to the alumni experience to ensure Fanshawe’s future remains strong.

Click here to download and view the 2020-2022 Engagement Plan.

Contact Us

We always love hearing from our alumni, and there are many ways you can reach us. Feel free to email, mail or connect with us on social:


Fanshawe Alumni Association
1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, P.O. Box 7005, Room K1003
London, ON, N5Y 5R6


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