Design your world... at Fanshawe College

Channel your creativity into a career!

Creative people should be able to earn a living being creative. That's what our design programs will help you to do. Whatever your inspiration, we'll mold that raw clay into a worker of!?

The best of both worlds

Hands-on, manual studio projects are invaluable when learning form and design, but in the modern world you have to be tech-savvy too. We introduce materials, processes and techniques so that students develop skill and confidence using traditional methods and become experts in the development and communication of images and ideas through emerging technology. Our graduates are creative, capable and ready for their chosen industries.  


Real-world lessons

Studio projects, lab work and opportunities to exhibit help build your portfolio but there's nothing like a job to put your creativity on display. Some of our diploma programs offer co-op educations so you can earn while you learn. A side benefit is that potential employers learn about you. The opportunity to work with practicing professionals will help students understand how their learning is applied in the real world. It also helps employers understand the contributions our students can make to their success. Our professors use their extensive industry contacts to help students find work placement experience and ultimately job interviews when they graduate.

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