Emergency Plan

Fanshawe College's Emergency Plan has been developed to enable a timely and appropriate response should emergency conditions adversely impact the College campus. This Emergency Plan remains the property of Fanshawe College at all times and controlled versions of this Emergency Plan may only be copied to, communicated with or otherwise made available to another party with the advance consent of the Emergency Director. A non-controlled version of this Emergency Plan, excluding Appendices and Annexes, is available electronically in PDF format:

Fanshawe Emergency Plan

Emergency Guidelines

Fanshawe's Emergency Management Office (EMO) has created campus-specific Emergency Guidelines for all Fanshawe College owned buildings. Electronic copies can be found on the EMO portal page. Speak with your manager or contact us at emo@fanshawec.ca for hard copies of the guidelines.

Personal Emergency Plans

Emergency Response planning considers the needs of all individuals. In emergency situations, some students or staff may require individual accommodations. EMO facilitates the creation of Personal Emergency Plans (PEPs) for both staff and students upon request.

Pandemic Response Plan

Infectious and Communicable Disease (Pandemic) Response Plan (PDF)