(London, Ontario)—Fanshawe has partnered with London Chamber of Commerce to provide a youth education and employment program called Reboot Plus.  

The Reboot Plus Project was developed by Douglas College of New Westminster, British Columbia and Future Skills Centre of Canada. The participants range from ages 17 to 24 and are from diverse backgrounds, including atypical high school experiences.

Reboot Plus is a 16-week program in which participants complete career assessments, build essential skills and develop concrete career and education action plans. Part of the process includes obtaining on the ground information about the jobs and careers they are most interested in and suited for. 


“The project seeks to prove that personalized, heart-centered educational interventions will lead youth facing challenges towards success, graduation from high school or post-secondary education or employment,” says Darlene O’Neill, director of Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services. “The other goal is to shift perceptions of these youths as viable, contributing members of the labour force in the eyes of employers.” 


“The Chamber, as a key partner, will connect students with professionals that will help them through their own career journey and exploration with classroom presentations and informational interviews,” says Graham Henderson, chief executive officer of London Chamber of Commerce. “This is an amazing opportunity for professionals to make a lasting impact and generate excitement for their industry. Not only will the youth have the information they need to make meaningful plans, but the process also supports them to build confidence and the beginnings of a professional network.”   


The program is also a research project from a pan-Canadian lens and is being launched in Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.