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Fanshawe is pleased to announce the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) has given the College a STARS gold rating in recognition of its sustainability achievements. STARS, the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System measures and encourages sustainability in all aspects of higher education. As one of two colleges in Ontario and three in Canada to achieve this rating, our students, staff and faculty are doing a great job of putting Fanshawe on the right path to becoming a sustainable campus. 

Previously the College had a silver rating and over the last several years has implemented many initiatives to increase its overall sustainability. 

Some of these initiatives include:

  • Adding more sustainability-related courses into the curriculum and having more programs us the campus as a living, learning laboratory
  • Increased sustainability research and scholarships for students
  • Improved awareness of sustainable programs for students and staff
  • More sustainable building operations and maintenance (e.g. our newly installed solar walls/panels and other solar projects)
  • More sustainable campus development and new constructions
  • Better outdoor air quality policy 
  • Solar picnic tables and solar pergola
  • More waste reduction and diversion initiatives including the green bin program and water fill stations

With more than 800 participants in 30 countries, AASHE’s STARS program is the most widely recognized framework in the world for publicly reporting comprehensive information related to a college or university’s sustainability performance. Participants report achievements in five overall areas: academics; engagement; operations; planning/administration and innovation and leadership.

This rating will help the College create a baseline for continuous improvement, generate new ideas and unite everyone in the community to create a sustainable campus.

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