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In late May, Fanshawe Global extended its long-standing partnership with the Armed Forces Public Technological Institute of Peru (Spanish acronym is IESTPFFAA) by signing a four-year agreement that will expand program offerings and develop a model that will help IESTPFFAA create connections with local industry partners.

The first agreement, signed in 2016 and concluded in 2022, resulted in the issuing of nearly 2,500 modular certificates and 315 diplomas from five technical academic programs: industrial mechanics, information sciences, civil construction, automotive mechanics and industrial electronics. The program also delivered professional development training for 15 academic leaders and 60 faculty and support staff.

The new agreement, formalized with a virtual signing ceremony on May 24, will see Fanshawe expand the accreditation model to three new technical careers (Machinery Maintenance, Hotel Administration and Systems Analysis), provide educational management services training for IESTPFFAA faculty and leaders, and support their linkages with local industries.

“We are eager to continue the fruitful work we began years ago with our partners at IESTPFFAA,” said Jeff Wright, vice-president, Corporate Strategy and Business Development. “Our team is ready get our partnership going and committed to strengthening technical education and improving capacities in young people in Peru.”

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