Fanshawe College is now offering microcredentials as a new way for mature learners to enhance their skills and build on their education.

Fanshawe microcredential series image and badges for microcredentialsMicrocredentials are short-term courses focused on enhancing a person’s skill set, equipping them to grow in their career. Learners who may not be looking to pursue a college credential that would take a few years can instead attain a microcredential in a few months, or add on to the credentials they have already earned.

Offerings are developed based on industry demand. As our economy begins to reopen, many people may be looking for opportunities to upskill in order to meet the needs their businesses will face.

Fanshawe’s first microcredentials are offered in six areas of focus:

  • Business
  • Information Technology
  • Media
  • Military-Connected Campus
  • Technology and Trades
  • Education

Learners will receive a digital badge for completion of their microcredential that can be displayed on their social media page. Some areas of focus include a series of microcredentials and users will receive a series badge when all courses are complete.

Examples of microcredentials at Fanshawe include:

“Fanshawe offers a complete suite of options for mature learners,” says Mary Pierce, dean of Fanshawe’s Faculty of Business, Information Technology and Part-Time Studies. “These new microcredentials allow students shorter, targeted upskilling options and an opportunity to earn badges to share with employers and prospective employers.”

More information about microcredentials at Fanshawe College can be found at

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