Fanshawe has partnered with Richemont Craft School, an international centre of excellence for bakers, confectioners and pastry chefs, located in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Fanshawe's Baking and Pastry Arts  Management program will be under license with this partner school, which means once Fanshawe students complete their program they will receive not only a Fanshawe diploma but also a certification from Richemont Craft School. Fanshawe will be the only college in North America to carry this kind of certification from Richemont. 


Thomas Doetkotte, a professor from Richemont, is visiting Fanshawe and training some faculty and students on Swiss and European yeast and bread products over the next couple of weeks.


Upon completion of this intense training, Fanshawe faculty will receive a Trainers Certificate from Richemont, one of the leaders for bread making in the world. In the last few years, Richemont has won twice in the world skills competition in bread production.