An upcoming symposium will shine a spotlight on the growing startup business economy that is making London and region a nationally renowned hub of the food production industry.

“Nurturing the Food Startup Economy,” co-hosted by Fanshawe's Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) and The Grove at Western Fair District, will take place on Thursday, April 28. The event will feature presentations from agri-food startups based at The Grove that have partnered with CRI on research and development projects. The in-person and live-stream audiences will hear how startups are overcoming challenges in the food processing industry, see the expanding facilities at The Grove and learn how partnerships across the London region are removing barriers for small- to medium-sized enterprises.

Keynote presenter Denise Allen, CEO of Food Producers of Canada, will talk about the importance of local food producers in food innovation.

“The most innovative food and beverage product developments come from local market producers,” says Allen. “Therefore, it is critical to equip these startup businesses with the resources, connections and supports needed to thrive in the Canadian and international economy. Food Producers of Canada is excited to be a part of this collaborative event in London to bring key players to the table, and discuss how we can work together effectively.”

"The partnership between the food innovation research capabilities of Fanshawe’s CRI and the startup business incubator space at The Grove has resulted in tremendous growth for innovative enterprises," says Colin Yates, PhD, chair of research at CRI. "We are excited to tell more partners about the strengths of London region's food processing ecosystem and the resources that work together to make it stronger. Collaboration in the sector is critical to future growth, and we need to continue bringing together key players to discuss overcoming challenges."

Event Details:
What:          Nurturing the Food Startup Economy
When:         Thursday, April 28, 2022 from 3 to 5:30 p.m.
Where:       The Grove at Western Fair District, 900 King Street, London or attend virtually