Unlocking Potential: A community update from Fanshawe President Peter Devlin

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Our world is facing unprecedented times. Negative news overwhelms our social feeds and uncertainty continues to shake our economies. However, we must not overlook that our communities are responding with resiliency, collaboration and compassion.

I hear positive stories of Fanshawe students, alumni and staff making a difference across the globe. Fanshawe health care graduates, front-line service leaders and all those who serve and protect – thank you for rising to the challenge.

Online education is working

The Fanshawe team has responded swiftly and tirelessly to shift to online learning. I applaud our staff and faculty for their resourcefulness and thoughtful dedication to making sure students can continue down their paths to success. I do recognize that some courses require access to specialized labs or face-to-face instruction. I want to assure students that Fanshawe will prioritize this learning once we are able to resume campus operations.

Student Services are here to help

We have moved student services and supports online. Student Services staff have responded with devotion and creativity – and students have been understanding, hard-working and equally imaginative. The Student Services team continues to provide outstanding service, counselling and advising – online and on the phone.

Making a difference

I am proud of the Fanshawe response to community needs. This has included loaning ventilators from our medical labs, donating health care supplies to hospitals, delivering advanced health and safety training and working to ensure our respiratory therapy students can enter the workforce immediately. We share these good news stories online and through our social media to reinforce that our communities are supporting each other and we are stronger when standing together.

We are just getting started

The next phase of our work will be lengthier and more difficult. The situation will continue to evolve daily, if not hourly, and so must we. This challenge has strengthened our collective resolve to unlock the potential of students, employees and the communities we serve. We are on standby to assist industry in these difficult times with our labs and specialized testing and training facilities. Fanshawe programs, both online and face-to-face, will continue to be delivered with creativity, quality and an unwavering focus on student success. We will continue to inspire future generations to become leaders in the workforce of tomorrow.

My Commitment

As Fanshawe turns our attention to the future, we are anchored on our mission to provide pathways to success, an exceptional learning experience, and a global outlook to meet student and employer needs. We look forward to opening our doors again soon to welcome students, employees and the community to study, work and connect on our campuses. Together we will advance with purpose, preparing the most innovative and knowledgeable graduates who will power our economy. My thanks again for your support of Fanshawe and care for each other. This crisis has demonstrated our true community character and reinforced Fanshawe’s strengths, dedication and compassion. Stay safe and be kind!


Peter Devlin
Fanshawe College

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