Tuesday, April 30, 2019
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Everybody’s got a great idea. Only a few have the guts to turn that idea into a business. Each of those courageous entrepreneurs has a fascinating story to tell, including the inspiration for their idea, the struggle to get it off the ground, and the challenges they faced while making it happen.  

“Built From Scratch”, a new podcast developed by the students in the Broadcasting program at Fanshawe College, brings you those personal stories through in-depth conversations with the founders themselves.

“Podcasts are becoming increasingly integrated into content delivery strategies for broadcasting corporations,” said Christopher Rowe, Sales and Marketing Advisor for the School of Contemporary Media. “To reflect that shift, we’ve been looking for an opportunity to include podcast development in our Broadcasting – Radio program.  In the pursuit of that goal, we’ve developed a partnership with LEAP Junction here at Fanshawe, and Western’s Propel Entrepreneurship.”

“Built From Scratch” is now available on SpotifyiTunes and Google Play. If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe! 

Listen to these episodes of Built From Scratch

Nicole SnobelenNicole Snobelen, Evelynn

Andrew Roberts talks to London, Ontario entrepreneur Nicole Snobelen, owner and designer of Evelynn about her journey in the development of her Canadian made clothing line and social enterprise that gives back to children. Listen here.  

Richard from Forest City Records
Richard Gracious, Forest City Records

Talia Miller talks to the owner of Forest City Record about how his record label got started and his time as a Music Industry Arts student at Fanshawe College. Listen here. 

Zach Havens
Zach Havens, Miistro

Thomas McDaniel talks to the owner of the online music school Miistro. Zach discusses his journey with his band and creating a music school that connects teachers to students through the touch of an app. Listen here. 

Maria Denomme
Maria Denomme, Maria Denomme Photography

Rae Batchelor talks with the owner of Maria Denomme Photography about her passions and how she found support for starting her own business. Listen here. 

Nicole Haney
Nicole Haney, Boho Bars

Lexi Meklensek speaks with Nicole Haney, founder of Boho Bars, a healthy food for people who are craving a tasty treat. Haney speaks about the inspiration behind her business and how she found the courage to pursue her dream. Listen here.