The Fanshawe College Foundation supports Fanshawe College in delivering an exceptional learning experience so all students can unlock their potential. Through the generosity of donors and community partners, the Foundation contributes to student bursaries, awards and scholarships, capital projects, research, programs and other priority initiatives. 


Our focus is to meet both the needs of students today while investing in the bold initiatives and state-of-the-art infrastructure that will benefit students tomorrow. We recognize the power of education—that supporting students in achieving their personal, educational and professional dreams benefits them as individuals and strengthens our entire community.


To strengthen Fanshawe College by attracting donor and partner investments in support of student success.


To be recognized as a leader in building philanthropic support in the College environment.


The Fanshawe College Foundation commits to the following values in our relationships with donors, Fanshawe College, alumni, community stakeholders and partners:


  • Trust: We value the trust that is placed in us from our donors. Our work is conducted with the highest ethical standards, integrity, confidentiality, and sound business practices on all levels.
  • Accountability: We are accountable to our donors, to the college, and to the community for their support and trust.
  • Service: We provide superior customer service to our donors, Fanshawe College, and our community stakeholders.
  • Excellence: We commit to excellence in all that we do.

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Fanshawe College Foundation Fiscal 2022-23 Financial Statements

Fanshawe College Foundation Annual Report 2022-23

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