Fanshawe's Radio Stations and Podcast

Fanshawe College is proud to offer three student-run radio stations and a podcast, with students working both behind the scenes and on air. 


Fanshawe's student-run radio station, CIXX-FM was licensed in 1978 as Canada's first Campus-Instructional station. Broadcasting at 106.9 on the FM dial and via, RadioPlayer Canada and iHeartRadio, Fanshawe Radio Broadcasting and Broadcast Journalism students are proud to produce this station – both on air and behind the scenes. Featuring a blend of dance, hip hop, upbeat grooves and music from around the world. In addition to the music, 106.9 “The X” is a news and information provider with hourly news, sports, weather updates and community talk programming throughout the broadcast day.


CFRLCFRL is heard in the halls of Fanshawe College and online at and TuneIn. "Fanshawe's Hot Spot" is a radio station that broadcasts in various programming formats. Radio Broadcasting and Broadcast Journalism students perform and learn on many formats including adult contemporary, country, retro, roots and classic rock. News, sports and weather information updates are heard hourly and keep students informed with what is going on in their world.

The Falcon

The FalconThe Falcon is where Fanshawe Radio Broadcasting and Broadcast Journalism students first spread their wings in the world of radio. Available at from 6 p.m. onward during fall and winter semesters, first-year students get a taste of hosting their own radio show. When the Falcon is resting, enjoy a simulcast of CFRL.

Built From ScratchBuilt From Scratch Podcast

“Built From Scratch” is a podcast exploring the origins of local businesses, developed by Radio Fanshawe Inc. in partnership with LEAP Junction and Western Entrepreneurship. Uncover the challenges these entrepreneurs faced and the inspiration that brought their plans to fruition. Available on SpotifyiTunes and Google Play




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