Winter 2021

Please contact Chris Monteith to register for the assessment.  



We are pleased that you have selected Fanshawe College’s General Arts and Science program. Our MATH placement assessment is important to your success. Doing your best will ensure proper assessment of your math skills to help you succeed in college and your future course work.


What is the MATH Placement Assessment?

First-level students in General Arts & Science at Fanshawe College are encouraged to take a Placement Assessment for their MATH course. This only applies to students who are taking MATH as part of their program. The evaluation of these assessment results allows us to assess your current mathematics skills and place you in the appropriate course. 


Important assessment information

This assessment will not affect your acceptance into the program. The assessment session is 60 minutes. The earlier you write the assessment, the faster we can process your results.


When and where can I write?

It has three parts: a pre-assessment (Diagostic) to see where your mathematics skills are; remediation modules to let you practice and upgrade your skills; a placement assessment (Summative) that will determine the appropriate MATH course for your skill level. Please ensure that you have a secure and stable internet connect before taking the assessment. You have access to the Ontario Colleges Math Test and its components for 30 days from your initial registration.


Students with documented disabilities

If you have a documented disability that requires accommodation, please call Accessibility Services at 519-452-4430 x4588 to make arrangements for testing. You must first register with Accessibility Services. For help, please call 519-452-4282.


Have questions?

Please contact your Program Coordinator, Chris Monteith at