Alumni at Work

We always love the chance to meet with our alumni in their workplaces. Whether you’re a one-person shop or employed by a large organization, we’ll pay you a visit in your work home, take a few photos and catch up over coffee and treats. If you work with other Fanshawe alum, invite them along! The more Fanshawe grads together, the merrier.

Let’s plan a visit

Are you a proud grad interested in being featured in a future Alumni at Work visit? Contact us for details.

Alumni Stories

Each of our alumni has a story worth sharing. 

That’s why we’ve created our Alumni Stories platform: a chance for you to share your alumni story or nominate other fellow alumni to share their experiences.

It doesn’t matter whether you graduated 50 years ago or last spring, we want to hear how your days at Fanshawe impacted your life, and what you’ve been up to since graduation.

Visit our Alumni Stories site to share your story, nominate others to share their stories and view other alumni stories.

Alumni Events

Special events are not only an important way for us to reconnect with our graduates, but it’s a great opportunity for our alumni to catch up with or get to know fellow Fanshawe graduates.

Whether it’s catching the London Knights at Budweiser Gardens, watching the latest blockbuster movie at a private alumni theatre screening or winning tickets to your favourite concert, we have something for everyone. Learn more and view our events here.

Stay in Touch

We are proud to offer many PERKS, benefits and events designed just for our alumni. That’s why we encourage you to remain connected with us so we may continue to share the many exclusive opportunities available to you as a Fanshawe graduate.

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  • The easiest—and quickest—way to update your contact information is through the Fanshawe Alumni PERKS app.
  • If you're a registered PERKS member, simply log in to your account and update the contact information in your profile.
  • If you aren't registered with PERKS, create an account and you'll be given the opportunity to update your contact information as part of the registration process.
  • Not a PERKS member?  If you’re not interested in registering for PERKS yet still want to update your information, please contact us at and we'll be happy to update your record.

Contact Us

We always love hearing from our alumni, and there are many ways you can reach us. Feel free to email, mail or connect with us on social:


Fanshawe Alumni Association
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