Orientation begins prior to your start-date with your manager's preparation to welcome you. On your first day, you will meet with your manager who will introduce you to your colleagues and can assist you with ongoing questions. Your manager will review:

  • goals and culture of your department/school
  • work location and related equipment
  • job description
  • access keys/cards/other information
  • overview of campus facilities including parking/transportation arrangements
  • safety information
  • list of key college contacts
  • payroll, employee benefits, and pension plan

College Orientation

Within your first three months, Human Resources will invite you to a college orientation session (full-time faculty orientation takes place every August), which provides an overview of the College’s mission, organizational culture and structure, facilities, services, policies and types of academic programs. New Employee Welcome (N.E.W.) is a full day session with topics and guest speakers from across the College including:

  • President's Welcome to Fanshawe
  • Conversation with Senior Manager
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program overview
  • Human Resources
  • MyFanshawe
  • Organizational Development & Learning
  • Reputation and Brand Management
  • Tour of an area (Radio Station, MIA Program, Nursing Labs)


Onboarding encompasses the longer process of getting to know the key people you will be working with and providing you with both job related and organizational information. Occurring over several months, it is aimed at getting you ‘up to speed’ with culture, expectations, policies and procedures and day-to-day activities and responsibilities.