Fanshawe College is launching a Customer Relationship Marketing and Sales Management program this September to help meet demand for industry-ready sales talent.

The one-year graduate certificate program will equip students with the skills they need to pursue careers in business-to-business sales, marketing and analytics, with a particular focus on the latest technologies used in the industry.

“We are bringing in current technology and hands-on experiences that will position graduates of this program for jobs that are in high demand,” says Simone Moreau-Rodgers, coordinator of the Customer Relationship Marketing and Sales Management program. “We are developing the marketing and sales professionals for the future.”

One of the technologies featured in the program is Salesforce Social Studio. Salesforce is one of the most-used customer relationship management (CRM) platforms around the world. Salesforce Social Studio takes the CRM experience further, creating a customer-centric approach to marketing.

Fanshawe is the first college in Canada to offer Salesforce Social Studio licenses for all students.

The Customer Relationship Marketing and Sales Management program was developed to help meet a need for entry-level sales and marketing professionals. In-depth knowledge of customer relationship technology is increasingly important in today’s sales climate, and some companies are finding it difficult to recruit new employees who have experience with CRMs.

“There are very few post-secondary programs out there that produce industry-ready sales talent for businesses that need it,” says Nick Hollinger, CEO of Visitor Queue and member of the program advisory committee that helped shape the program. “Fanshawe’s new program will give students the skills and experience they need to hit the ground running.”

Students graduating from the Customer Relationship Marketing and Sales Management program will be well-positioned for entry-level careers in sales and marketing, and the program’s focus on the use of technology to enhance the customer experience will put them a step ahead.

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