Fanshawe partners with Goodwill on pop-up shop fundraiser


Second-year students in Fanshawe's Fashion Marketing and Management Program will host The Story, a sustainable pop-up shopping event, online and in store starting Monday, November 22, 2021. The week-long event features hand-selected and restyled gently-used clothing and accessories.

The Story will sell items through the program's online store at and a physical pop-up shop in the Siskind Gallery at Fanshawe's London Campus will give the students experience preparing an in-person retail space.

The Fashion Marketing and Management program and Goodwill Industries have partnered on this initiative over the past 12 years. The experience provides valuable hands-on learning experience in organizing and promoting an event, encouraging consumers to consider more sustainable second-hand fashion. This year's students have spent the fall term carefully selecting and restyling garments donated by Goodwill to sell during the online and in-store event, organizing photo shoots and marketing through social media in preparation for the event.

All proceeds from The Story's sales will go toward a scholarship for students.

"This continues to be a beneficial collaboration and positive learning experience for the students as well as for many of the team members here at Goodwill. That hasn't changed as we support the community dealing with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic," says Tracy Hilts, the regional manager of Goodwill Industries. "The students have done a terrific job curating a catalogue of restyled and vintage clothing and creating a community experience during a global pandemic."

"The Story pop-up shop has always been a key learning experience for our students but the experience of shifting to a combined online and in-person event is instrumental as the students move into a changing retail industry," says Dana Morningstar, Associate Dean of the School of Design. "These students are gaining valuable in-demand skills creating an online and in-person pop-up store event and creating a plan for promoting their products on various social media platforms."

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