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March 6, 2020

Our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program was out in the community doing good again this weekend. We served a meal to many people who are homeless or near homeless at Ark Aide on Dundas Street. It was a frigid Saturday night and the patrons ate until there was not a scrap left. It was a perspective of Canada that many newcomers or international students do not get to witness close up often. We were honoured to support such a noble cause. We stayed until all of the clean up was finished and  the doors were closed.

I speak for myself and likely the students when I say, I felt a little warmer and more humble leaving for home that night. Thanks to: Tony, Owen, Daniel, Nicholas, Mohammed, Catalina, Olga, Tina, Flavia, Behdokht, Sarvnaz and Grammon.

Tina Martin 
Student Integration Facilitator


  Fanshawe students at Ark Aide