Oscar Gustavo Guzmán Loayza is a Peruvian graduate from Fanshawe´s international partner Instituto de Educación Superior Tecnológico Público de las Fuerzas Armadas (IESTPFFAA).  His story began at the artillery group in the Peruvian Army and then decided to take the double degree program between IESTPFFAA and Fanshawe College where he successfully graduated as an Automotive Mechanic. 

Oscar saw an opportunity in his professional career by having a college diploma from Fanshawe and decided to complete an English upskilling pathway on his own. He has now been admitted as an international student to Fanshawe College in the post-graduate Automotive Service Management program.

Oscar is currently living in Lima, Peru getting all his documents ready to travel to Canada in April of this year where he will study at the London Campus. In his own words Oscar says, “I chose to continue my higher education studies at Fanshawe for its academic excellence and for the many attractive opportunities that may open doors for my professional future.”