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January 8, 2019

Michele Beaudoin, Vice-President, Student Services and the Reputation and Brand Management team have worked closely with Student Services managers and staff to create an awareness campaign that focuses on the many facilities and support services available to our students outside the classroom. Research in student engagement and persistence reinforces that a combination of academic challenge and a supportive campus environment lead to student success and higher graduation rates.

Launching in January, the Here for You campaign will now make it easier for students to find peer tutors, arrange counselling sessions, join a club, learn about the many services available for those with disabilities and much, much more. As these services and supports are vital to their success, we also want to ensure our faculty and staff are aware of them so they can direct students appropriately.

While the campaign will be ongoing, our goal is to promote it more heavily during the following peak periods as students often need more access to the services during these times:

  • Winter intake – month of January
  • Winter break – month of February
  • Winter exams – month of April
  • Summer intake – month of May
  • Summer exams – month of August
  • Fall intake – month of September
  • Fall break week – month of October
  • Fall exams – month of December

Further information about the Here for You campaign can be found at

We look forward to working together to create an exceptional learning experience for our students and wonderful memories of their time at Fanshawe.

If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact:

Michel Beaudoin, Vice-President, Student Services


Courtney Ecker, Marketing Manager