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October 25, 2018

Trauma and Treatment Emergency Preparedness Exercise

Every October, Fanshawe holds an emergency preparedness exercise that simulates realistic emergencies to help test and train students and campus emergency first responders. The College is one of the only post-secondary institutions to provide an experiential learning opportunity on this scale.

Trauma and Treatment is an interdisciplinary event that typically includes more than 300 participants from the College's Emergency Telecommunications, Fire Inspection and Fire Safety Education, Paramedic, Advanced Care Paramedic, Police Foundations, Advanced Police Studies, Theatre Arts, Nursing, Office Administration and Advanced Filmmaking programs, as well as London Police Service, London Fire Department and Fanshawe faculty and staff.

The weekend involves the simulation of emergency scenarios, presented in a variety of locations at Fanshawe's London Campus. Many of the scenarios are graphic and realistic in nature. During the event, participants will develop an understanding and appreciation of each other's skills, roles and responsibilities; discuss patient care and best practices; empathize with each other and foster a sense of collaboration so all students are better prepared for the real world of emergency services.

This year's event was held from Friday, October 19 to Saturday, October 20.


Students participating in Trauma and Treatment weekend


Trauma and Treatment event details

During the simulation, Emergency Telecommunications students process simulated 911 calls and dispatch details to Paramedic, Advanced Care Paramedic, Police Foundations and Advanced Police Studies students, as well as our community partners. The students arrive on scene to treat patients (portrayed by Theatre Arts students and community volunteers) who have undergone professional casualty simulation. Nursing students provide triage and care in Fanshawe's simulated hospital within the High Fidelity Simulation Lab after receiving the patients who have been transported by ambulance from the Paramedic students.

Volunteer paramedics from the region work with London police officers, firefighters and Fanshawe College faculty to supervise and provide constructive feedback to the responding students.

Advanced Filmmaking students videotape selected scenarios and interview emergency service personnel and bystanders on-scene. Police Foundations and Advanced Police Studies students provide crowd and traffic control while investigating the scene, interviewing witnesses and potential suspects with the intent to lay charges.

Students load an injured patient onto a stretcher during Trauma and Treatment weekend