Showcasing student work and providing an opportunity for students to network with alumni and potential employers are primary goals of the Fashion Marketing and Management program. There are several events throughout the program that are highly anticipated by both students and the community. Our graduates are confident in their event planning and presentation skills and well acquainted with the work it takes to present professional, creative campaigns.

Connect Employer Event

The Fashion Marketing and Management program culminates with our annual student showcase event, Connect. Held each spring at CF Masonville Place in London, Ontario, students have the opportunity to connect with potential employers such as retailers, industry partners and the community. Students each complete a professional portfolio, resume, business card and giveaway for the event, and prepare a display to showcase their work and discuss career opportunities.


Alumni Day

Alumni Day provides an excellent opportunity for students to network with graduates of the program who are working in the industry. Alumni are invited to speak to current students about their career path and how the program has helped them succeed in their careers.

Loving Local Virtual Event (2021)

Students presented “Loving Local” as a virtual event highlighting local London businesses in the fashion and wellness industry. The event included interviews with entrepreneurs who shared their stories of owning a small business, retailing during the pandemic and sharing their experiences of customer and community support. Students also demonstrated wellness and sustainable merchandise, including styling and modelling vintage and current fashion trends for Spring 2021. The event was live-streamed by students of Fanshawe’s Television and Film Production program, and all proceeds were donated to the Children’s Health Foundation, supporting mental health programs for children and young adults.

The Story Pop-up Event (2019)

In partnership with Goodwill Industries, students hosted "The Story", a pop up event in 2019 that raised awareness for mental health and slowing down the fashion cycle. The name "The Story" was inspired by taking time to listen to each other, and each piece selected had a story behind it. Funds raised were donated toward a student scholarship, the Community Impact Award.

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