Honours Bachelor of Environmental Design and Planning

Fanshawe Environmental Design Competition Winners 2024


Winning Neighbourhood Design Plan

Connection – designed a complete and walkable neighbourhood within the St. Thomas Railway lands that focuses on increased housing density, sustainable design features and a regional transit hub.

Created by: E. Eansor & S. MacGregor

Second Place

Second Place Neighbourhood Design Plan

On Track - is a contemporary environmental and urban design proposal promoting community, sustainability, heritage, and growth in St. Thomas through the design principles of connectivity, livability and unity.

Created by: A. Akins, H. Glinz, C. Holmes & B. Pace

Third Place

Third Place Neighbourhood Design Plan

St. Thomas Central - reimagined the St. Thomas railway district as a social and residential hub to encourage community connections among residents and tourists, while establishing the railyard as an ecological haven to attract and support wildlife in the region as part of a patchwork corridor.

Created by: C. Price, E. Scappin & L. Zelinski

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Landscape Design

Front Yard Design

Front yard digital illustration of garden before and after

Before and After Front Yard Digital Illustration by A. Cheung

Front Yard Planting Plan

Planting plan design for front garden

Front Yard Planting Plan by A. Cheung

Students Making Models

students making landscape design models

Landscape Design Models by A. Cheung and L. Van Dijk

Landscape Plan

Landscape Plan Document
Landscape Plan Page 2

Landscape Plan Pages by J. Brouwer

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