Welcome Alumni!

As a member of the Fanshawe College Alumni Association, you are part of a growing group of more than 200,000 Fanshawe graduates making a difference in communities worldwide.

We take great pride in having been an important part of your journey so far. As life takes you in new and exciting directions, remember to look back at Fanshawe and share your successes and accomplishments with us – we want to celebrate them with you!

We look forward to you staying in touch and offer many exciting opportunities for you to stay connected with Fanshawe forever!


Notice of Fanshawe Alumni Association 2020 Annual General Meeting

By electronic means.
Wednesday, May 20, 2020, at 6:45 p.m.
To receive the link to join the meeting please email Renee Crowe at


Our Mission

Our mission is to engage graduates by recognizing their contributions to society and by enriching their personal and professional lives through a life-long affiliation with Fanshawe College.

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