Room 603
130 Dundas Street
London, Ontario N6A 1G1
Phone: 519-452-4289
Fax : 519-452-4454

Post Graduate Hospitality, Culinary and Apprenticeship Placement Consultant
Name: Deborah Hass
Phone: 519-452-4455
Fax: 519-452-4454

Co-operative Education Consultant
Food and Beverage Management, Golf and Club Management, Hospitality - Hotel and Resort Services Management, and Tourism - Travel Program

Name: Jennifer Lee
Phone: 519-452-4430 x4596
Fax: 519-452-4454

Career Services Consultant
Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Name: Rebecca Summerfield
Programs: All
Phone: 519-452-4430 x5157
Web: Check out Career Services