New diploma to degree pathways with Irish and UK universities continue to expand options for Fanshawe diploma and advanced diploma graduates to complete a degree abroad. These new pathways enhance our partnerships with longstanding pathway partners.

Most international partners offer partial scholarships or tuition discounts to Fanshawe students. To learn more about these and other pathway opportunities, visit Fanshawe's Pathways Database or contact Gabriela Kongkham-Fernandez, Pathways Coordinator at

Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT)

Two new pathways offer degree completion for:

This pathway allows Fanshawe diploma graduates to gain their degree in one year and international experience at LIT, a vibrant and connected institution within one of the safest and friendliest countries in the world.
“LIT’s active learning approach and industry engagement ensures that LIT graduates are equipped with the skills necessary to succeed and thrive in their fields of study.”
Brid Ryan, North America Liaison Officer at LIT.

IT Sligo

Three new pathways offer degree completion for:

“During Pathways Fair week we had the opportunity to meet with our newest pathway partner, IT Sligo. Patrick Lynch spoke to the theatre students about pathways for both the acting and production program. It was very well attended and the students were super excited the direction this new opportunity could take them. They quickly signed up and were ready to apply right away. This is what it means to be a student in our current climate. It is so important for the student to have as many experiences as they can globally to understand how big or small their working world is. Pathway’s like this opens up so many more options for a young person entering the entertainment industry.”
Karen Harley, coordinator, theatre programs, School of Digital and Performing Arts.

IT Tralee

Two new pathways offer degree completion for:

Through our partnership with Tralee, Fanshawe graduates receive a tuition discount when transferring to complete their degree.

Southampton Solent

Fanshawe renewed this articulation agreement which offers degree completion opportunities to multiple Fanshawe diplomas and advanced diplomas across different academic areas, as well as graduate study opportunities to Fanshawe Bachelor degree graduates.

"Solent University is delighted to further extend its partnership with Fanshawe College, first set up in 2016. Students joining Solent University will gain a British higher education qualification recognized by employers around the world helping them boost their career opportunities. Fanshawe graduates would be part of a community of students from 100 different countries. Solent University is located in the heart of Southampton. We offer first-class facilities and everything we do at Solent is focused on the students – their learning, their career and their life."
Senior International Recruitment Manager, Solent University.

For more information, please visit Fanshawe's media contact page.