Turn your creativity into a career

The School of Digital and Performing Arts develops your artistic ability while giving you the practical skills needed to succeed in digital creative and performing arts industries. Located in the heart of downtown London, our facilities feature high-end labs and The Good Foundation Inc. Theatre, so students graduate ready to hit the ground running in the workplace.


  • Connect with industry partners from orientation to graduation
  • Real-life collaborative work environment
  • Building problem-solving, creativity and team‐work skills

Why digital and performing arts at Fanshawe?

  1. High demand for graduates in the digital creative sector, with 85 per cent employment
  2. $20,000+ offered to students in scholarships and awards in 2019
  3. Curriculum‐based live client experiences lead to job opportunities upon graduation
  4. Hands-on learning in dedicated theatres, labs and MOCAP studio with state‐of‐the‐art software (MAC, PC, CINTQ)
  5. Learn from industry‐leading and award‐winning faculty

Creativity in action

  • Students and faculty in the digital creative programs collaborate with businesses in real-world industry projects. This provides an opportunity for students to learn and enhance their skills while working with a live client.
  • In preparation for graduation, students develop and showcase their portfolios to potential employers during regular industry networking events.
  • Fanshawe’s 48-Hour Film Challenge is an interdisciplinary where student actors perform in short films created and produced in only 48 hours by Advanced Filmmaking students.
  • Motion Capture technology is used to bring characters to life in Game Design and Animation.
  • In 2019, 3D Animation and Character Design students won the UBISOFT Toronto Next competition for concept art, and Interactive Media (Digital Creative) faculty received the national Colleges and Institutes Canada award for program excellence.


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The Good Foundation Inc Theatre

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Fanshawe College London Downtown Campus
Howard W. Rundle Building, 137 Dundas Street
London, Ontario, Canada
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