Complete Your Post-Admission Requirements

Before you start classes, you must complete your post-admissions requirements. These are things you must do in order to be allowed to attend the first class of your program. 

Explore General Education Electives

General Education provides a breadth of knowledge outside a student’s core program area, with the ultimate goal of developing their sense of social responsibility and citizenship. 

Choose Fanshawe

Have an offer of admission from Fanshawe and deciding whether to accept it? Congratulations! This tour is for you.

One of our student ambassadors will show you around Fanshawe's main London Campus (1001 Fanshawe College Blvd, London). This in-person, group tour will cover the amenities, support services and program areas offered by Fanshawe. A tour of the traditional residence style is included. Note: this tour is for those who already have an offer of admission and are deciding to accept it.


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