Before you start classes, you must complete your “post-admissions requirements”. These are things you must do in order to be allowed to attend your first class. Failure to complete your post-admissions requirements could mean you will be asked to withdraw from the program and apply again for the next intake. Each applicant has different post admission requirements but in general, there are four main types.

Post-Admission Requirement Types

  1. Admission Conditions: These are not really post-admission requirements as you should have all of your admission conditions met in order to keep your offer of admission.

  2. The WRIT Assessment: This is a 50 minute assessment which allows us to assess your current writing skills and place you in the appropriate course.
  3. Preparation for Clinical Placement: This is a series of items related to a field or clinical placement in the Schools of Community Studies, Health Sciences or Nursing.
  4. Mandatory Laptop Purchases: A number of our programs require students to purchase a laptop with certain specifications.

Post-Admission Requirements by Program

[ 0-9 | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z ]

Program Name Code
 [ 0-9 ]
911 and Public Safety Communications PSC1
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 [ A ]
Addictions and Mental Health AMH1
Advanced Care Paramedic ADP2
Adventure Expeditions and Interpretive Leadership (Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus) AEL1J
Agri-Business Management (London Campus) AGM2
Applied Mechanical Design AMD2
Architectural Technology ATY1
Autism and Behavioural Science AUT1
Autism and Behavioural Science (Weekend) AUT3
Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance (Co-op) AAM4
Aviation Technician - Avionics Maintenance (Co-op) AVM4
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 [ B ]
BIM and Integrated Practice BIM2
Bridging for Internationally Educated Nurses BIE2
Broadcasting - Radio and Media Production BRR4
Broadcasting - Television and Film Production BRT3
Building Renovation Technology BRY1
Business BUS1
Business (Co-op) BUS2
Business - Accounting BAC2
Business - Accounting (Co-op) BAC4
Business - Entrepreneurship and Management (Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus) BEM2W
Business - Finance BFN4
Business - Finance (Co-op) BFN5
Business - Human Resources BHR1
Business - Insurance BIN3
Business - Insurance (Co-op) BIN5
Business - Marketing BMK1
Business - Marketing (Co-op) BMK2
Business Administration - Accounting BAA2
Business Administration - Human Resources BAH1
Business Administration - Leadership and Management BAL1
Business Administration - Marketing BAM2
Business Fundamentals BFS2
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 [ C ]
Carpentry and Renovation Techniques CRQ1
Child and Youth Care (London Campus) CYW4
Child and Youth Care (St. Thomas/Elgin Regional Campus) CYW2S
Child and Youth Care (Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus) CYW2W
Civil Engineering Technology CEY2
Collaborative Nursing (BScN Degree) NSG3
Community Pharmacy Assistant RPA1
Computer Programming and Analysis CPA3
Computer Systems Technician CTN2
Computer Systems Technology CTY2
Construction Engineering Technology CMY2
Construction Project Management CPJ2
Culinary Management CLM4
Culinary Skills CHF2
Customer Service Fundamentals - Insurance CSKI1
Cyber Security CYB1
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 [ D ]
Dental Assisting (Levels I and II) DAS3
Dental Hygiene DHY3
Developmental Services Worker DSW1
Developmental Services Worker (Accelerated) (Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus) DSW5J
Developmental Services Worker (Fast Track) DSW7
Doula Studies DLA1
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 [ E ]
Early Childhood Education (London Campus) ECE1
Early Childhood Education (Clinton Site) ECE1C
Early Childhood Education (St. Thomas/Elgin Regional Campus) ECE1S
Early Childhood Education (Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus) ECE1W
Early Childhood Education (Accelerated) (Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus) ECE5J
Early Childhood Education (Fast Track) ECE6
Early Childhood Education (Fast Track) ECE7
Educational Support EDS1W
Electrical Engineering Technician ELN2
Electrical Engineering Technology (Co-op) ELY6
Electrical Techniques (London Campus; St. Thomas/Elgin Regional Campus; Kincardine Off-Site) ELT1; ELT1S; ELT1C
Electronics and Embedded Systems Development ESD3
Environmental Technology ENT1
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 [ F ]
Fashion Design DFS4
Fashion Marketing and Management FMC3
Fine Art Foundation FAF1
Fitness and Health Promotion FHP1
Food and Beverage Management (Co-op) FBM8
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 [ G ]
Game Development - Advanced Programming GDP1
General Arts and Science - One Year GAP1
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) GIS1
Gerontology - Interprofessional Practice GIP2
GIS and Urban Planning URP2
Golf and Club Management (Co-op) GRM2
Graphic Design GRD1
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 [ H ]
Hair Stylist (Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus) HAS1W
Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician (Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus) MHT2W
Honours Bachelor of Applied Technology - Biotechnology BIO2
Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership ECL1
Horticulture Technician HTN1
Hospitality - Hotel and Resort Services Management (Co-op) HMT8
Human Resources Management HMG1
Human Services Foundation HSF1
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 [ I ]
Information Security Management ISM1
Interactive Media Design IDP3
Interior Decorating ITD1
International Business Management ITB1
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 [ J ]
Journalism - Broadcast BRJ1
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 [ L ]
Landscape Design DLS4
Law Clerk (Co-op) LCKK2
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 [ M ]
Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI1
Manufacturing Engineering Technician (Co-op) MEN1
Manufacturing Engineering Technology (Co-op) MEY1
Marketing Management MKM1
Massage Therapy (Accelerated) MSG2
Mechanical Engineering Technician - Industrial Maintenance (St. Thomas/Elgin Regional Campus; Kincardine Off-Site) MIM3S; MIM2C
Mechanical Engineering Technician - CNC/CAM (St. Thomas/Elgin Regional Campus) MNC2S
Medical Radiation Technology MRT1
Music Industry Arts MIA2
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 [ N ]
Network and Security Architecture NSA1
Nutrition and Food Service Management FNM2
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 [ O ]
Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant OPA1
Office Administration - Executive OAE3
Office Administration - General OAG1
Office Administration - Health Services OAM4
Operations Management OPM2
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 [ P ]
Paramedic PAR2
Personal Support Worker (London Campus) PSW6
Personal Support Worker (Clinton and Kincardine) PSW6C
Personal Support Worker (Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus) PSW6J
Personal Support Worker (St. Thomas/Elgin Regional Campus) PSW6S
Personal Support Worker (Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus) PSW6W
Personal Support Worker (Weekend, London Campus) PSW9
Pharmacy Technician PTN1
Photography PHT1
Police Foundations (Accelerated) (Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus) PFT2W
Practical Nursing (London Campus) PNG5
Practical Nursing (Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus) PNG5W
Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees (London Campus) PHS2
Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees (St. Thomas/Elgin Regional Campus) PHS2S
Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees (Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus) PHS2W
Pre-Technology PRT1
Project Management PRJ1
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 [ R ]
Recreation and Leisure Services RLD2
Respiratory Therapy RST4
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 [ S ]
Social Service Worker (London Campus) SSW1
Social Service Worker (Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus) SSW1J
Social Service Worker (Fast Track) (London Campus) SSW2
Social Service Worker (Fast Track) (Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus) SSW2J
Software and Information Systems Testing (Co-op) SST3
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 [ T ]
Theatre Arts - Performance THP2
Theatre Arts - Technical Production THR1
Tourism - Travel TTC5
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 [ W ]
Web Development and Internet Applications IWD2
Welding Techniques (Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus) WTQ1J
Welding Techniques (St. Thomas/Elgin Regional Campus) WTQ1S
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