Using WebAdvisor, you can:


  • View the status of your application to a Fanshawe College program
  • Check for any outstanding requirements for your application (such as transcripts)
  • Confirm your position on a program waitlist
  • View your outstanding fee balance and make fee payments
  • Register in Part-Time Studies (formerly Continuing Education) courses and/or General Education courses
  • View your grades and schedules and tax form (T2202A)
  • Students and employees can change your address information

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Please choose one of the options below:

Option 1:

Log in to WebAdvisor
  • I know my username and password


Option 2:

Reset Password
  • I forget my Fanshawe user name and/or password


Option 3:

I am registering online for a Part-Time Studies (Continuing Education) course and I do not have an existing student number
  • I have never applied or attended Fanshawe College
  • I'm not an employee, student or applicant