A school of opportunity through academic success

Welcome to the School of Language and Liberal Studies (LLS).  Our core focus is academic, professional, and business communication as well as humanities, social science, and research and evaluation studies.

Our programs

Through our programs, we help students realize their potential and spark their interest in various fields of study (GAP1), and we provide opportunity and pathways to success both in life and work with through our co-op opportunities and our graduate certificate programs in Advanced Communication for Professionals (ADC1) and Research and Evaluation (RES1). For more information about our programs and service courses, check out the links below!

General Arts and Science program

Not everyone who goes to college is completely prepared for the experience. Taking a general or preparatory program gives you post-secondary experience and prepares you for specific training. General Arts and Science will help develop essential employability skills while also giving you the preparation you need to continue your studies at the college or university level. Are you missing admission requirements or need to upgrade? Our science and math curriculum is equivalent to high school courses for admission purposes to some colleges and universities.

Advanced Communication for Professionals program

In today’s increasingly digitally-connected and knowledge-based economy, communication skills are crucial for professional success across a wide array of sectors. The Advanced Communication for Professionals Program program cultivates excellence in workplace and interpersonal communication, writing and reports, and project development.

Research and Evaluation program

Program evaluation in Canada is an expanding industry in terms of both its general use and the diversity of contexts in which it is applied. Students in Research and Evaluation Program will learn diverse social science research methods and how to apply them with the aim of program evaluation and optimization.

Our college-based curriculum

Many of the essential mandatory and ministry-directed elective courses required for most diploma and degree courses at the college are coordinated through our school and delivered by our faculty.

WRIT: Reason and writing curriculum

WRIT is designed to help students succeed in becoming functional, competent communicators at work, at school, and in life. Our faculty introduce students to essential principles of reading, writing, and reasoning at the post secondary level.

  • Learn more about WRIT (FAQ, program-specific requirements, and details about the WRIT Placement Assessment)

COMM: Communications curriculum

At Fanshawe, the importance of professional and work-related communication is reinforced by the inclusion of at least one COMM course in most programs in addition to WRIT. For questions about a specific COMM course, please contact our school directly via the Contacts page.

GenEd: General education electives

Our elective courses provide students with learning opportunities that broaden their knowledge about the world beyond their vocational programs through a roster of unique and multidisciplinary courses.

Flexible learning opportunities

Our learning options, such as online and blended courses, compressed deliveries, and full-time-time studies, provide a host of advantages in convenience and flexible scheduling.

Top three questions

  1. How do I apply for an external or internal credit for WRIT, COMM, or GenED?
  2. How do I apply for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) for a COMM, GenEd, or program-specific course?
  3. What should I do if I failed, dropped, or I am missing a COMM, GenEd, or WRIT course required for my program?
    • Generally, full and part-time students must obtain permission to retake courses(s) required for their program. Please contact our school directly for COMM, GenEd, and WRIT registrations.

For additional questions about our programs or courses, please contact one of our coordinators.