Have you completed post-secondary education elsewhere or are you looking for a change?

Fanshawe has academic pathways for all goals.

Advanced standing: Transferring a whole semester or year of study


If you have completed an entire semester, year or program at another institution, or if you have significant work experience in a particular field, you might be eligible for advanced standing. Advanced standing qualifies you for direct entry to the second or higher semester of a program on the basis of academic achievement at another institution and/or the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process.

How to apply for advanced standing

If you have previous informal or non-formal training, visit PLAR

If you have previous post-secondary education:

  1. Find out if Fanshawe has an articulation agreement with your previous institution by searching Fanshawe’s Pathways Database or ONTransfer.ca. An articulation agreement is an understanding between Fanshawe and another institution where Fanshawe has agreed to accept a block of another institution's courses for credit (either one whole semester, one year or more). If you do not find what you are looking for, contact our Advising Centre at 519-452-4277 or advising@fanshawec.ca
  2. Go to ontariocolleges.ca and apply for the Fanshawe College program you are interested in. When asked in what level you would like to start, chose a level greater than one. For assistance, call 1-888-892-2228.
  3. Once Fanshawe has received the application information from ontariocolleges.ca, an acknowledgement letter will be sent to the applicant requesting certified post-secondary transcripts and other documentation.


External credit: Transferring one or more course(s) taken at another institution


Acceptance into a Fanshawe program is required before submitting an application for external credit. 

  1. Check the College Academic Calendars to find out deadline for course credit application. It is recommended that you submit your request for external credit one or two months prior to starting a course. Applications received after the deadlines may not be processed prior to Fanshawe's drop deadline. 
  2. Consider what courses you may be eligible to receive external credit for. Each program lists their courses on their program page.
  3. Search Fanshawe's Course Outline Retrieval System to find course outlines for the courses you are considering to request credit for. Compare similarities between Fanshawe's courses and courses taken elsewhere*. 
  4. Collect your transcripts and course outlines for any course you wish to receive credit. The course outline must list the learning outcomes for the course.
  5.  Obtain an Application for External Credit form through the Office of the Registrar. Submit this form with your course documentation.
  6. A professor will assess your request for credit. This can take two to six weeks. If you submit the request while registered in the course you wish to receive credit for, continue to attend classes and do the work until you receive approval for the credit transfer.

Please note there is no fee for an External Credit application. 

*Additionally, you can search for "Course Transfers" through ONTransfer.ca. This is a database of courses at Ontario colleges and universities that other students have been given credit for. The database is not complete and you may receive credit for a course even if it is not listed on ONTrasnfer.ca.