Why choose a college degree?

Friday, May 10, 2019
Busy halls of Fanshawe College

While universities may be the traditional choice to study for an undergraduate degree, colleges increasingly offer an attractive alternative for the same credential. Colleges may not boast of “hallowed hallways of learning”, but their high employability rates are second to none. When it comes to considering your future, college degrees should definitely be on your watchlist.


Graduate with a degree at Fanshawe College

So, what makes a college degree stand out?


Employable skills

Co-op work experiences and hands-on learning opportunities such as working with live clients help build your resume and prepare you for the workforce.

Hands-on experience

More field work, lab time and clinical training. More really is better when we're talking about building your future.

Better value

It's often less expensive and of higher value. It's true; tell your bank account.

More pathways to success

Pathways are open to degrees from diploma programs. Not sure you meet the requirements to enroll in a degree? No problem. Colleges have options.

Smaller class sizes

AKA more interactive learning opportunities and more time with your professors.

High academic standards

Colleges have to work even harder than universities to prove themselves. They do that by maintaining high standards of academic excellence in all areas of the curriculum.

Grads hit the ground running

Graduate ready to hit the ground running. Many university graduates choose to get job-ready by taking a college certificate. College degrees give you that hands-on experience throughout the degree, making you less likely to require additional training.


At the end of the day, it's all about investing in your future. And college degrees are starting to stand out when it comes to pay-off.

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