Degrees that work

With 12 career-focused programs to choose from, Fanshawe degrees give you the best of both worlds: theoretical knowledge combined with hands-on, experiential learning. That’s why our graduates are uniquely skilled and in high demand. Students learn through well-connected industry professionals who are committed to student success. With co-op and field practicum opportunities, graduates are career-ready.

Why choose a Fanshawe degree?

Biochemical degree student in the lab

A college degree pays off

For every $1 invested in an Ontario college education, grads receive a cumulative $3.20 in future wages. That’s a 14.3 percent rate of return! 

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Benefits of a college degree

Colleges increasingly offer an attractive alternative to traditional universities for the same credential.

Degree Programs

A female accounting student smiling and posing while sitting on a bench in a bright hallway at the Fanshawe College campus

Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

Fanshawe’s bachelor’s degree in accounting will provide you with many valuable and transferable skills including financial accounting, cost accounting, management accounting, business finance, auditing and taxation in addition to a variety of general business management concepts including business strategy, marketing and human resources. You’ll be dynamic, with the power to continue a journey of life-long learning.

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A female marketing student studying on her laptop

Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Digital Marketing)

Fanshawe’s four-year Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Digital Marketing) degree program will provide you knowledge of the core fundamentals of business including business strategy, management, human resources, accounting and leadership. You’ll also receive cutting-edge training with specialized digital marketing courses, including brand management and media integration, analytics, strategic website management and search engine marketing.

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Honours Bachelor of Environmental Design and Planning student's playground plans on table with coffee cup in one hand

Honours Bachelor of Environmental Design and Planning

Participate in building sustainable, harmonious, democratic communities through environmental design and planning. Engagement with people and place responsibly, respectfully and creatively is cultivated through the education and experience of Fanshawe’s Honours Bachelor of Environmental Design and Planning program. This pragmatic degree connects design thinking to learning and doing through case studies and community-based projects. In conjunction with co-op work semesters, you prepare for a rewarding career locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

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A male HR student getting ready to practice a virtual interview on his laptop.

Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resources Management)

Fanshawe’s four-year Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resources Management) degree program will provide you knowledge of business basics such as accounting, marketing and computer applications. As well, you’ll specialize and focus your skills in human resources management courses, including performance management, human resources planning, talent acquisition, employee and labour relations and compensation and benefits administration.

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Four people reviewing student work from the Bachelor of Interior Design program

Honours Bachelor of Interior Design

The Honours Bachelor of Interior Design degree program at Fanshawe College prepares students to encompass analysis, space planning, design, documentation and management of interior construction and alteration projects in compliance with regional and national building codes, life-safety standards and regulations. With emphasis on creativity and design thinking, students prepare for a distinct profession with specialized knowledge related to human behaviour theories, research, technical and project-specific design solutions.

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Two young children, playing with a toy kitchen

Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership

The Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership is a four-year honours degree program for students who want to become passionate leaders. Students will learn a solid foundation in child development, pedagogy, human relationship, curriculum development, and leadership skills. Graduates find employment in guiding and leading curriculum and pedagogy, family support programs, and early intervention services.

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Nursing student in PPE taking notes

Collaborative Nursing

The nursing profession requires caring, compassionate and highly skilled individuals who nurture and treat patients alongside a team of medical professionals. If you’re looking for a high-paced, in-demand career where your kindness and medical knowledge make a difference in people’s lives, our Collaborative Nursing degree program will give you the clinical skills and certification you need to succeed.

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Student working on sound board in a recording studio

Music Recording Arts

Harness your passion for music and transform it into a rewarding, creative career in the music and recording industry. If you’re looking to study music and gain employable skills in the business of music, the Music Recording Arts program is for you. This five-year collaborative degree program combines a Bachelor of Music degree from Western University with a diploma in Music Industry Arts from Fanshawe College.

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A male leadership student presenting a class project to his team of fellow students

Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Management)

Fanshawe's four-year Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Management) Degree program will give you a well-rounded education focused on effective business management. Through our business management degree program, you will acquire a strong grasp of business fundamentals in the classroom and build on that knowledge through both hands-on experience and mentoring. This business management degree focuses on in-demand concepts such as sustainable business practices and effective ethical leadership from the local, national and global perspectives.

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Fanshawe students working in biotechnology lab

Honours Bachelor of Applied Technology - Biotechnology

Honours Bachelor of Applied Technology is a four-year degree program with a mandatory co-op component. Students will develop skills in experimental design, statistical data analysis, bioinformatics and handling microbial, plant, and animal material for genetic analysis. Graduates of this program will feel confident entering the workforce after completing a four-month co-op program to develop the necessary interpersonal and communication skills.

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Business student smiling in classroom setting

Finance and Wealth Management

This innovative collaborative financial management program will give you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to take on the exciting wealth and finance industry with confidence. This program is a four-year collaborative degree offered by King’s University College at Western University and Fanshawe College. Successful graduates of the program will receive a Bachelor of Arts - Finance (three-year) degree from Western University and a Business - Finance (two-year) diploma from Fanshawe College.

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Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology, Female holding a clipboard

Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology

The Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology degree equips graduates with extensive knowledge, theory, and practice in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Students will learn to discern evidence-based practices, analyse them, and draw upon their findings to guide their own practice. The program culminates in students completing a thesis on a topic of their choice.

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