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Degrees that work

Degree and/or experience
Think you know Fanshawe? Think again.

There are a lot of misconceptions about college degrees, but none of them are really true.

With 11 programs to choose from, Fanshawe degrees give you the best of both worlds: theoretical knowledge combined with hands on, experiential learning. That’s why our graduates are uniquely skilled and in high demand.

Students learn through well-connected industry professionals who are committed to student success. With co-op and field practicum opportunities, graduates are career-ready.

Photo of Biotechnology degree student

Why choose a Fanshawe degree?

A college degree education definitely pays off.

For every $1 invested in an Ontario college education, grads receive a cumulative $3.20 in future wages. That’s a 14.3 per cent rate of return! (Source: ontariocolleges.ca.)

What’s the difference between a college and university degree?

Colleges increasingly offer an attractive alternative to traditional universities for the same credential. Check out our blog post to read more about the benefits of a college degree.

Quality assurance

Fanshawe's honours bachelor's degrees are four-year (120 credit) degrees and are quality assured by a government agency, the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB), after being referred by the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, Ontario. Each degree is reviewed and renewed every five to seven years by PEQAB to ensure program quality.

Honours bachelor's degrees:

Photo of interior design degree student

Collaborative degrees:

Photo of  Collaborative Nursing degree student

*While graduate schools review applications on an individual basis, many people have used College degrees as the basis for entry into graduate or professional schools.