Summer 2023 course options

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6hrs per week (6hr online) | 3 credits each

Course Dates: June 26, 2023 – August 18, 2023


Please note: Course options are subject to change without notice due to changes in planning. Please double-check course lists prior to completing your registration to ensure specific courses are still offered.

PSYCH-1079-90 Forensic Psychology

How have TV dramas, movies, and documentaries such as CSI and "Making a Murderer" influenced the jury and our understanding of criminals? What characteristics make up a psychopath? Why is there an overwhelming number of lone wolf terrorists in North America, and how is this affecting our safety? In this course, we will examine the many violent expressions of power, revenge, terror, greed, and loyalty, as well as the biological and environmental contributions. We will examine sexual sadists, serial killers, and mass murder cases such as Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo, James Holmes, Ed Gein, Charles Manson, and Mark Lepine. Topics discussed in this course include multiple murder in popular culture, psychopathy, criminal responsibility, sexual sadism, terrorism, eyewitness memory, and psychological profiling. Finally, we will debate sentencing and punishment from across the world.

PSYC-1123-90 Art of Intelligence

This course introduces students to the various forms and theories of intelligence. Topics include creativity, emotional intelligence, non-verbal intelligence, social intelligence, mindfulness, learning disabilities and exceptionalities. This course comprehensively examines the role of intelligence for personal and professional success, as well as the application of both verbal and non-verbal forms.

RELG-1003-90 World Religions – Intro

This course seeks to explore some of the world's major religious traditions. We will look at the historical, social and cultural legacies of these faith-based traditions with an eye toward understanding how religion has helped to define our world. This introductory course will address many world religions including but not limited to Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. No religious affiliation is presumed. Moreover, the fundamental assumption for the course is that it is possible to learn about and from a variety of different religious traditions without seeking to make students adherents of a single religious tradition or adherents of the notion that all religious traditions are basically the same.