How to be a successful learner

Online learning is very different from learning in a classroom setting. To ensure you're successful in your online program or course, Fanshawe has a number of services and support available, even if you haven't registered yet. Not sure if online is right for you? Try our indicator tool to help assess your readiness. Want to see what it would be like to learn online? Try out open resources that provide you the opportunity to explore Fanshawe's online learning environment.

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We know that online learning can have unique challenges and opportunities for learners, which is why we’ve developed this tool to help you assess your readiness as an online student.

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Experience an Online Course

If you’re interested in exploring online learning at Fanshawe College, then you’ve come to the right place! To access our Learning to Learn Online course or to enroll in other available open courses, please enter your username and password or click Register to create a new account.

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