WINTER 2024 course options

Courses are first come, first served—there are no waiting lists for courses that are full! We strongly advise you to register in your General Education course as soon as possible. This list of courses does not update when courses are full. When completing your registration you may need to try several courses before you find one that still has room for you to register.


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Blended / In-Person

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3hrs per week (2hrs in-person + 1hr online) | 3 credits each 

Weekday Time: Friday 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
Location: Y Building (Airport) 


Please note: Course options are subject to change without notice due to changes in planning. Please double-check course lists prior to completing your registration to ensure specific courses are still offered.

FILM-1007-60 Hollywood: The Viewer’s Perspective 

This course explores film from an audience perspective by analyzing both how and why our culture watches movies. The course examines the Hollywood formula and its appealing offer of comfort, closure, and familiarity to viewers. In addition, the degree to which cinematic rules can be bent and/or broken before an audience loses interest is a primary focus of the course. Focusing on four categories of film theory - Character Identification, the Male Gaze, Narrative, and Historical Context- this course examines the way mainstream film has influenced patterns of spectatorship, and promotes critical analysis of contemporary media. 

INDS-1124-60 The Secret History of Aliens & UFOs 

It has been over seventy years since U.S. pilot Kenneth Arnold encountered what he described as a string of nine shiny unidentified flying objects flying past Mount Rainier in Washington State, at speeds exceeding 1,930 km/h. After the sighting, the press of his day called these unidentified flying objects 'flying saucers.' In response, the general public became captivated with the idea, setting off a wave of reported UFO and extraterrestrial encounters that have persisted up until the present and its recent promises of Governmental Disclosure. Since those early day in the late 1940s, aliens have burned a deep imprint into the collective psyche of our culture at large. This course will examine the forgotten historical and cultural precursors to the phenomenon, the history of its more popular elements, and the many more obscure and repressed beliefs and aspects of the wider genre that remain unknown to the larger public. 




All students can choose an online General Education elective course. International students should verify they have the appropriate number of in- person hours before registering for an online course. Online course descriptions can be found here: 

Diploma Students: Full-time — Online Courses: Full




We are excited to offer a blended Super Class this semester: 

Mondays 11:00 am – 1:00 pm 

This course will be held on main campus


INDS- 1059-60 Myth, Folktale & Fairy Tale

This course will examine a selection of myths and legends from Ancient Greece, Continental Europe, and Britain. We will look at how these stories have evolved over time from sacred tales to secular stories. The course will also explore the important role that folktales and fairy tales have played in shaping the culture of the people who told these stories. Our goals will be to discover connections among the stories, seek out similar themes and characters across cultures and time periods, and explain the enduring popularity of these stories to this day.