we provide a variety of services for deaf students

Attend an Orientation to Accessibility Services for Deaf Students

Please email the Counselling and Accessibility Services Office (accessibility@fanshawec.ca) to arrange an orientation session. These sessions will be interpreted and will provide information on what accommodations and supports are available to you at Fanshawe. If you are unable to attend an orientation session, please click the link below to watch an orientation video provided in ASL.

Supporting Deaf Students in the Classroom


Education for Deaf Students

Request Interpreting Services

To book American Sign Language interpreter services for meetings, appointments or Fanshawe events outside your regularly scheduled classes, email accessibility@fanshawec.ca. Every effort is made to match the request with a qualified interpreter, however, this may not always be possible. Please make every effort to submit your request for interpreting services as far in advance as you are able.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you book an interpreter?


Email accessibility@fanshawec.ca. Please submit your request with as much advance notice as possible. The person responsible for booking interpreting services will contact you to complete the process.


Who is responsible for requesting and booking interpreting services?


Current and prospective students and faculty can send an email to accessibility@fanshawec.ca when interpreters are required. Counselling and Accessibility Services assists in booking and arranging interpreters for current and prospective students. 


Who provides interpreting services for Fanshawe College?


Only interpreters who have graduated from an accredited interpreter training program are contracted to provide service at Fanshawe. The interpreters are encouraged to be members of the Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters (CASLI). We make every effort to match the request with the most qualified interpreter.


What does the interpreter require?


The interpreter will need copies of the agenda, handouts, slides or other meeting-related materials. These items should be sent to the Interpreter Booking Coordinator (accessibility@fanshawec.ca) as soon as possible to give the interpreter time to review the material.


How much notice is needed?


Requests should be made at least two weeks before the service is needed.  Short notice requests will be considered and efforts will be made to book interpreters.  However it is very challenging to book interpreters with short notice and our ability to fill these requests is limited.


What types of events does Fanshawe provide an interpreter for?


  • Meetings with professors, academic advisors, etc.;
  • Lectures, classes and tests;
  • Appointments with the Financial Aid Office, Registrar's Office, Advising Centre, etc.;
  • Special presentations;
  • Fanshawe events and academic activities;
  • Class scheduling changes.

Classroom and academic requests are prioritized. Every effort is made to fill requests however service cannot be guaranteed as it is dependent on interpreter availability.



Feedback is Welcome!

You can share confidential comments and/or concerns regarding the interpreting service provided by emailing accessibility@fanshawec.ca or by discussing it with your counsellor.