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Location: Downtown Campus

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ENGL-1025-60 Perspectives on Love

Whats love got to do with it? Why has it become the subject of so much writing throughout history? Why are we still fascinated by the subject of love today? Perspectives on Love proceeds to examine these very questions with a consideration of love in art, literature, and popular culture. Through a thematic exploration of the subject of love, students will identify the ways in which love themes have evolved, persisted, and manifested themselves in various time periods and cultures

HUMA-1024-60 Scenes of the Apocolypse 

From fringe cults to Hollywood blockbusters, divine judgement to human-caused catastrophe, apocalypticism has been a preoccupation of Western culture since a figure known only as John penned the Book of Revelation nearly two thousand years ago. This course will explore various representations of the end of the world throughout history. Though literally a revelation, apocalypse is often used to describe any narrative depicting a cataclysmic event, and both senses of the term will be examined. We will also investigate what this compulsion to re-destroy the world says about our anxieties concerning the emergence of new sciences and technologies.

INDS-1081-63 Personal Wellness 

This course introduces students to the concept of wellness. Students develop strategies for a healthy lifestyle in all aspect of their lives. Through traditional lectures and learning activities, they learn through both individual and group processes. They investigate wellness as it applies to mindfulness, self-responsibility, social/emotional development, stress-management, physical activity, spirituality, substance abuse, nutrition, and complementary health. This course provides the opportunity for students to evaluate their present lifestyle, identify successes, and develop areas requiring personal growth.

INDS-1060-60 Robots, Cyborgs & Androids in Fiction      

From early notions of clockwork humans to contemporary concerns about the possibilities of cloning and artificial intelligence, the idea of mechanically enhanced or replicated human beings has continually challenged the ways we
think about what it means to be human. This course looks at how our hopes and fears of technologically reproducing and enhancing humans have been explored in fiction-short stories, films, and a play-from the 19th century to the present.

Online Diploma General Education Electives

All Online General Education courses are delivered in an unscheduled and asynchronous format. Students are free to choose any Online elective as they will not conflict with any other course schedule.

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