Locker Information and Regulations

Fanshawe College is private property and reserves the right to:
  • Control locker usage through enforcement of Locker Regulations
  • Prohibit access to any person
  • Restrict usage to any locker for emergencies or other purposes
  • Redirect locker assignment as required

Regulations: Locker Regulations apply to all occupants. The renting of a locker constitutes an Agreement, on the part of the user, to abide by the Regulations as enforced by Fanshawe College.

Assigned lockers: The renter can only occupy the locker assigned. Relocation requests will be accepted after the term has begun, subject to availability. All reassignments must be arranged through the Custodial, Grounds and Support Services D1018 (London Campus).

Cancelling locker assignments: Fanshawe College reserves the right to cancel the locker assignment and remove the lock and contents without notice:

  • Within five (5) days of a student leaving the College whether by withdrawal or graduation
  • Immediately succeeding the rental period expiry date
  • For false declaration on the Application
  • For continuous abuse of locker privileges
  • For failure to adhere to Regulations
  • Or at any time for just cause

Structural emergencies: Fanshawe College reserves the right to remove the lock and contents without notification from legally-rented lockers in the case of a structural emergency (i.e. broken water pipes or electrical line repairs) or if the safety and security of the College is in question. Contents from lockers emptied in these situations will be held for re-acclamation at no charge.

Illegally-occupied lockers: Fanshawe College reserves the right to remove the lock and contents without notice from illegally-occupied lockers. A $20 payment will be required to recover the contents from an illegally-occupied locker. These contents will be held for three weeks before being discarded. The College is not responsible for any discarded items or lock.

Locker damages: The renter is responsible for any damage caused to the locker during the rental period, whether structural (removal or mutilation of shelves, door, floor etc.) or visible defacing of surfaces (graffiti and stickers) and will be charged for any repair costs.

Refunds: Locker fee refunds will be given only for full term amounts not used. Minimum refund is $12.00.

Loss, injury or damage: Fanshawe College is not responsible for loss, injury, or damage to persons and/or contents.

Additional rentals: Additional locker rental requests will be accepted, subject to availability.

Expired lockers: Occupation of an expired locker is a violation of the Regulations. Please remove lock and contents or re-rent the locker before your expiry date.

Contact us

For more information, contact Custodial, Grounds and Support Services:
Room: D1018, London Campus
Phone: 519-452-4401
Fax: 519-452-3750