Fanshawe proudly welcomes students from various programs, institutions, and work backgrounds, recognizing the unique skill sets and value they bring to our classrooms.

There are many different directions you can take in your learning trajectory without sacrificing the work you’ve already done. Wherever you are in your educational journey, Fanshawe will help you leverage your unique position to meet your learning goals. 

Our Pathways to Success With Fanshawe

Transfer Programs Within Fanshawe

If you’re thinking of taking your education in a new direction, you can make an easy program switch at Fanshawe without losing credits. Students can bridge from one credential to another, whether that means transitioning from a diploma program to a degree program, or changing their program of study. 

Apply for a program transfer to point your education in a new direction. Worried about learning overlap? Use our internal credit application to carry forward recognition of your past courses. 

Transfer to Fanshawe From Another Institution

Started your post-secondary education at another college or university? Bring your progress with you and continue your education at Fanshawe College. Even if you’ve already completed a diploma, you could be eligible to upgrade your credential to an honours bachelor degree at Fanshawe.

Advanced standing and external credit accommodations are available to ensure that applicants receive recognition for their previous academic standings. 

Explore advanced standings and external credit programs through Fanshawe’s resources for transfer applicants.

Continue Education at Another Institution

Kick off your learning at Fanshawe before exploring opportunities at other institutions. Fanshawe has partnered with over 60 colleges and universities across the globe to develop pathways for you to take your education anywhere.

Search the Fanshawe Pathways Database to find pathways opportunities in Ontario, across Canada or  abroad. If you transfer to one of Fanshawe’s partner institutions and you may be eligible to receive a Pathways Scholarship for a minimum of $1,000 to pursue your education.

Learn more about transferring from Fanshawe to other institutions.

Transition From Your Job to Fanshawe

Post-secondary learning doesn’t always come through colleges and universities. Fanshawe uses a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition program to evaluate the knowledge and skills students acquire through volunteer activities, work experience, independent study, and more.

Take advantage of your work experience in your education at Fanshawe. Fanshawe offers Academic Upgrading to those looking to transition to post-secondary education following experience in the workforce. Through Academic Upgrading, students are able to build skills necessary for success at Fanshawe.

Explore Scholarships

Pathways Scholarships

Explore Pathways Scholarships and ensure you have the financial support to meet your education goals.