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3hrs per week (2hrs in-person + 1hr online) | 3 credits each 

Weekday Time:  Friday 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Location: 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd. London, Ontario 


Please note: Course options are subject to change without notice due to changes in planning. Please double-check course lists prior to completing your registration to ensure specific courses are still offered.

PSYC-1119-60 Unravelling Youth (Course Full)

In this course we unravel the mystery of youth. We focus on critical issues including the development of personality, sexuality, morality, and identity. From a psychology perspective, we discuss how cognitive, emotional, physical, and social changes affect youth both positively and negatively. We examine the factors that can lead to social and behavioral problems, such as aggression, eating disorders, addictions, anxiety, and depression. This course provides valuable information that is applicable to careers in developmental psychology, social work, and other human services dealing with youth. It also provides information for those interested in their own development or in the development of the youth in their lives. This course provides an excellent opportunity to gain insight and to reflect back upon ones own experiences as a youth in Canada. 

FILM-1004-60 Film Genres – Epic 

This course is designed to develop a critical approach to the medium of film and epic films, to examine individual creative expression in the films of important directors within the genre, to develop the ability to identify technical aspects of film, and to discern mediocre and excellent use of filmmaking technique. Students will be required to watch one weekly film outside of class hours. Evaluation will be based on in-class quizzes as well as two essays and a final test. Some of the films which we will study include Collateral, Gladiator, Dances with Wolves, and Marvel's The Avengers.

INDS-1013-60 Perspectives on Hockey 

For many Canadians, hockey is more than a sport: it is a passion. Through hockey literature (fiction and non-fiction), multimedia presentations (radio and television broadcasts, feature films, and documentaries), and discussion, students will gain an understanding of how hockey has shaped Canadian culture, and how politics, economics, the media, and society have shaped a national passion.

SOCI-1102-60 Sociology of Advertising      

The average person encounters over 3,000 advertisements a day. How do the advertisements we see impact us and our society? This course will explore the topic of advertising through a sociological perspective. It will focus on the representation of gender, sexuality, and race in advertising. This course will explore how advertising has
reflected and reproduced societal issues like racism and sexism. A historical perspective of advertising will also address how advertising has developed alongside human history, from prehistory to the present age of social media. Advertising techniques and methods will be discussed and critically evaluated.

Online Diploma General Education Electives

All Online General Education courses are delivered in an unscheduled and asynchronous format. Students are free to choose any Online elective as they will not conflict with any other course schedule.

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